*FREE Possibility Call

On this confidential free call you will get clarity about what stops you from finding fulfillment in areas that mean the most to you.  Relationships, career, passion and purpose.  During our 30 minute call you will get clarity on what you really want to break free of so you can create exactly what you need to have the desires of your heart.  You know, those things that you gave up somewhere along the way due to failure, betrayal, hurt and fear.  To schedule your FREE Possibility call simply send me an email to 

*Tree of Me Discovery Process

Capture your heart’s desires, dreams and natural passions plus the root cause of why you are not living all of them today.  Learn the powerful key to working with your own rhythm in order to move in the direction of your true self and your dreams.  It all emerges as you draw your Tree of Me (no you don’t have to be an artist!) while you discover the patterns that repeat themselves in relationships, jobs, self sabotage, lack of follow through and stopping yourself from doing what you love…really whatever circle you are stuck in.  Learn how to stop the pattern from robbing you so you can get what you need to be fulfilled and happy.  (virtual or in person)

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*Sacred Coaching Programs

Personal 60 minute weekly coaching calls to discover and break the patterns that have kept you from:

*Experiencing successful relationships

*Having a job you love

*Starting your own business

*Following your creative itch

*Hearing and following your heart and intuition

Learn to:

*Attract the partner you desire

*Create your dream business

*Experience equal and healthy relationships and friendships

*Set boundaries and say no

*Say YES to your passion and purpose

3, 6 and 9 month programs available


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To learn more about the programs and services please send email to for more information,  as well as schedule your FREE confidential one on one Possibility Call today.