Do you feel….Naked during the holidays?

December 2013 This is the time of year most of us face the very real chance of being naked.  We fight every day not to be naked.  Not to be found out or to be seen, but it’s the holidays and we are on high alert because we are seeing family.  If there is anything that can make you feel naked it is a family gathering. Those old wounds that have been pushed down start to fester.  The unrealized dreams haunt you with relentless fervor.  The grief of unresolved loss catches you off guard and sends you right back to a time you so desperately want to forget.  It can only take a glance, a familiar intersection, a weathered ornament, a tradition, a song, a dessert.…and you are naked. It’s amazing how quickly old patterns and familiar roles can push us right back into feeling like a child again.  We … Continue reading

Let your negative thoughts do positive things!

Everyone has challenges and negatives in life.  We all have our shadows and voices.  I know that because you are human. Past experiences and environmental programming have left a residue in you that can continue to affect your quality of life and your ability to be the amazing person you are meant to be. We all have them.  Doubts, fears, shame and defenses in place to manage them. They are the dreaded flaws that we try so hard to hide, hoping they are gone and that nothing will bring them up again. If we all have them, why do some people seem to have success in life and others don’t?  How do some people continue to grow and advance while others stay stuck? It isn’t because some people are smarter, more educated or luckier. They think differently.  You have the seed of potential in you to be just as successful … Continue reading

Improve your kids self confidence forever, at any age.

August 2013 Greetings.  It’s August already and about time for school to start again. As I see all the school preparation starting to build I remember all the years I was very busy during this time. Now that I am out of the “school loop”, I reflect back on the anxiety I had as a mom of school aged kids.  The frenzy of getting school supplies, earlier bedtimes, new classes, new teacher, new friends and the morning rituals to get everyone out the door on time, but most of all, will my child be treated right by all those they encounter at school. It can be a stressful time. Emotions run high as something new begins.  It can be a mixed bag of excitement and fear due to the element of the unknown.  We instinctively fear the unknown as it makes us feel vulnerable and we hate that.  Remember that your child, at … Continue reading

It isn’t easy but it is simple.

  Today I sit in a rainy cool July day in Tennessee and realize what a miracle that in itself is.  Sixties in the summer in TN? Pretty miraculous!  I am also feeling the heaviness of so many who are hurting, disillusioned and longing for change.  Even with that heaviness I feel the hope and grace for change to happen, if we only knew how. My dear childhood friend Amy Grant has been a great encourager to me through the years.  She always encourages me to do something that matters. How simple is that?  It may not be easy, but it is simple.  I have tried so hard and made things more complicated than they have to be.  Now I do my best to allow myself (as much as possible) to be simple, live simple, love simple and do simple.  It is often a challenge and not always easy, but … Continue reading

The teachings of Mel Gibson and Lance Armstrong

January 2013 I hope the new year is going well for you and you are giving yourself what you need to grow and love yourself more.  My holidays were full of just being with family, being by myself and bringing in 2013 with good friends. For the last 3 or 4 months I have been hearing the same thing.  It is all about love.  All through the months of November, December and January I have been looking into love, what it really is, how to bring it into my life in practical ways and extend it to others.  When I was home for Christmas I read the verse, Faith, hope and love and the greatest of these is love.  Really?  I never stopped to think about that.  Don’t we act like faith is the most important?  I guess it is easier to look faithful than to practice real love.  I … Continue reading

You are not alone….ever

December 2012 It’s holiday time again.  This time of year is always hectic, chaotic and can be overwhelming emotionally and physically.   It seems we are all thrown into a tail spin to keep it all together in a time when we are supposed to be enjoying special friends and family time. This is a time I want to feel connected to those I love but sometimes I feel more alone than ever.  I think about the holidays coming and how I will not be with my children because of divorce or how I won’t be with all my family because of distance or death.  That hurts and I don’t want to hurt so the dirt kicks up and I do what I can to not feel it.  My usual go to strategy is to focus on what I don’t like that is going on and put my energy towards complaining … Continue reading

Will you be disappointed on Valentines Day?

Today is the day of love and hearts.  It’s Valentine’s Day and I am wondering how many of you out there are hoping for the “right” gift from your honey.   You know that gift that means to you that you are truly loved.  Maybe it is flowers, a card, chocolate or maybe something completely different like an adventure in nature.  Will you be disappointed at the end of the day today? I can remember wanting the Valentine’s gift that I thought of as “right” that would make me know and feel that my relationship was ok and I was loved.  So much of that was about my expectation and not the real intention of the day. If you are in a relationship right now or not, what meaning are you giving to Valentine’s Day?  Does it make you feel worse because you aren’t experiencing what you really want in … Continue reading

Let the River Run Out of You!

November 2012 Sometimes I have wished I weren’t so creative.  How bad is that?  I am one of those people who always has new ideas, loves to dream and imagine how awesome this or that would be, but not so into the details of making it happen.  I get the big picture but get really bogged down in the minutia.  Anyone who knows me will wholeheartedly agree! I have made many changes in this area in the last few years…because I wanted to. I have chosen to go beyond what is easy and natural for me and persevere into those things that really didn’t flow for me.  Believe me. I would much rather be creative and come up with new ideas and inspiration than actually master all the tiny details to make it happen. That’s why it’s really important for me to ground myself, have support and accountability to get … Continue reading

Building a bridge to MORE

October 2012 I think deep down we always want more.  In fact I think we are designed to always want more because we are beings with endless possibility.  The only way we get stopped from more is by limiting ourselves.  Now that sounds all higher consciousness doesn’t it?  While it is the truth, it is also so scary to choose to go for the more.  I can be rocking along feeling so good about my growth and then I want more or see a place I want to BE more and start to head that way.  I will always, yes always hit that wall of terror that if I allow myself to go into that territory I will not make it.  I will go back to where it is safe.  Growth and change doesn’t feel safe and when I hit that fear I have to choose.  Do I go back … Continue reading

Hiding in plain sight

September 2012 Have you ever had the experience of missing something in plain sight?  It happens all the time, naturally.  You didn’t see the sign that you clearly passed and missed a turn, you can’t find the remote lying in plain view because it is not in it’s usual place.  This happened to me a few days ago.  I was looking for the Almond Butter in the fridge, but I was expecting it to have a green label with yellow writing so I totally missed it.  When I found it later that day, it was in plain sight, just with a brown label and red writing.  It didn’t match what I expected and my mind didn’t register it. I see that it is possible to miss what I should see and I realized that I can do that inside too.  What if the answer I am looking for is right … Continue reading